Houston Studio Glass -- Open House Demonstration Highlights
March 2006

Ellen Abbott & Marc Leva  demonstrated mold making and the pate de verre process.  
The wax positive Making a plaster waste mold Filling the mold

Jennifer Barnds  -  Flame Working Demonstration  
Jennifer at the torch Rewards

Gene Hester  -  Genesis Art Glass  demonstrated a streaming glass technique.  
Free formed stringer Winding glass on a mandrel Getting hooked

Michael Miles & Lorinda Driskill  -  Flame Working Demonstration
Michael Miles at the torch & Lorinda Driskill

Houston Studio Glass - Richard Moiel and Kathy Poeppel
Photos courtesy of Michel Khushf
Talking glass Planning session Getting started More glass Threading & Optic mold
Jack line Blowing it out Punty Lip wrap The set-up
Photos courtesy of Margaret Ann Wilkerson
The spin out The team putting it away in the annealer

Tom White  -  Fusing Demonstration  
Tom White Audience Participation The pre-fuse set-up

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