Color Abstrations  -  Travis Tower
Works by
Marie Thibeaualt
Paul Aho
Billy Barron
Houston Studio Glass
E/M Studio Glass
Organized by Kinzelman Art Consulting
April 6 - July 1, 2005
Travis Tower
1301 Travis
Houston Texas
Weekday Viewing 8am - 6pm


Works by Marie Thibeault, Paul Aho, Billy Barron, Houston Studio Glass & E/M Studio Glass

Organized by
Kinzelman Art Consulting
Catalina Montano

Opens April 6th through July 1st, 2005

Weekday Viewing 8:00am – 6:00pm

TRAVIS TOWER, 1301 Travis, Houston, Texas 77002

HOUSTON, TEXAS (March 31, 2005) – Color Abstractions is an exhibition about abstract color forms featuring works by three painters and four glass artists. The show will open at Travis Tower in downtown Houston on April 6th and will run through July 1st, 2005. The exhibition features works by Marie Thibeault, Paul Aho, Billy Barron, Dick Moiel & Kathy Peoppel, and Marc Leva & Ellen Abbott. Kinzelman Art Consulting has organized this exhibition for Behringer Harvard and Trammell Crow Company.

Inspired by landscape and organic forms, Marie Thibeault creates complex compositions that provide the viewer with layers of information. Thibeault’s work offers the viewer recognizable forms in a non-representational fashion; her work, therefore, may be associated with glimpses of a dream. Paul Aho shares a similar interest for intricate patterns achieved through a process of layering color through texture. Aho arrives at his compositions not by chance, but through a logical and systemized methodology. The bright colors in Aho’s work evoke the sense of calm one may find on a lazy summer’s day. An interesting addition to this collective is the exquisite detailed work by Billy Barron. Barron’s small-scale compositions demand time and close examination from the viewer. One must look closely to appreciate the delicacy with which Barron adds layers of information to his colorful compositions, which are first composed on a computer as imaginary landscapes. His watercolor technique is applied as the last step in the process to enhance the detail within each composition.

Other works presented in this exhibition are those by the Houston Studio Glass and by E/M Studio Glass. Kathy Poeppel and Richard Moiel use glass as their medium to create aesthetically beautiful color compositions. All of the works by Poeppel and Moiel in the exhibition are blown glass works and are created using the incalmo and cane roll-up techniques. The 500 year-old incalmo technique involves creating cup-like pieces of colored glass that are then fused together through heat, revealing beautiful horizontal color bands. The cane glass roll-up technique involves cutting and arranging different glass canes to form the color composition. Heat is used to fuse the pieces together and the glass sheet is blown to give the work its form. Ellen Abbott and Marc Leva also work with glass to create extremely fine three-dimensional pieces. The works by Abbot and Leva presented in this exhibition are examples of a glass technique called pâte de verre. The name "pâte de verre" literally means paste of glass. Each piece undergoes an extensive process and demands great amount of work by the artists. As with all the glass works featured in this exhibition, each end product is a unique work of art.

The works by Paul Aho, Kathy & Dick Moiel and by Ellen Abbott & Marc Leva in this exhibition are on loan courtesy of the artists. The work of Billy Barron is on loan courtesy of the artist and McClain Gallery; and the work of Marie Thibeault is on loan courtesy of Gremillion & Co. Fine Art. Travis Tower is located at 1301 Travis, Houston, Texas 77002. Parking available at Travis Garage, 1320 Travis. The exhibition runs April 6th through July 1st, 2005 with weekday viewing from 8:00am – 6:00pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public.


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