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Studio Interior
Physical Plant Houston Studio Glass is located in a mixed commercial/residential neighborhood 10 minutes west of downtown Houston. The 2700 sq. ft. metal warehouse has a 16 ft. peaked roof with skylights, and 3 large exhaust fans. It houses an air-conditioned office/kitchen, showroom, and bathroom. Two overhead doors at the front of the building open on to an 1800 sq.ft. covered carport. The facility is powered by a 440 amp electrical service and natural gas. The furnace is on from mid-October to the end of April; and shut down during the summer months.
Hot Shop
  • Furnace: 300# free standing crucible; electric/moly; built by S. Stadelman
  • Glory Hole: 13 inch frax; sliding doors; rolling-swivel yoke; pasterelli attachment
  • Pipe warmer
  • Garage
  • Two marvers & two benches
  • Powder booth
  • Hand torches: 250,000 BTU Propane; Ranger oxypropane
  • Minor Burner
  • Pipe cooler with water pump
  • Annealers
    • Digitry controller: GB4
    • Front loading unit (1) 4.8 cubic ft.
    • Top loading units (1) 7.4 cubic ft. 1; (1) 18 cubic ft.
    • Floor (pick-up) kiln
    • Top loading octagonal ceramic kilns (1) 18x21 inches/2.5 cubic ft.;
      (1) 22x23 inches/4.5 cubic ft.
Cold Shop
  • 20 inch lap grinder for grit with water drip system
  • 20 inch lap grinder with center water feed for diamond pads
  • Sommer-Maca 104 inch vertical belt grinder
  • Diamond Chop Saw: 9 inch, Covington
  • Tile Saw: MK-100 10 inch
  • Double Arbor: polishing wheels
  • Drill Press: diamond hollow-core drill
  • Lathes: (1) engraving, (1) stone/diamond wheel carving
  • Dremel Tool
  • Sand Blasting Cabinet: Siphon Blaster; 6.5 hp/60 gallon air compressor
Carving Lathe Etching Lathe
Finished work is on display and available for purchase in this 300 sq.ft. climate controlled space. Visitors are welcome most any time the hot shop is open (October through April). Working hours vary daily.
Call for an appointment.
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